Ayurvedic Herbal Steam Bath – Fat Loss Treatment

Ayurveda is the Knowledge of Life, ayurvedic medicine accentuates disease prevention within the framework of one of civilization’s oldest ways of life

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Signs of Infertility

Infertility is the biological inability of a person to donate to conception or simply it is the inability to produce offspring. There are many reason for inability to produce offspring and some of the prime reasons for infertility in Women are ovulation disorders it is the problems associated with the ovulation. Premature ovarian failure caused because of the woman’s ovaries pause operating before she is 40. Polycystic ovary syndrome it is the abnormal functionality of woman ovaries. Hyperprolactinemia if the level of prolactin is high it may affect in women ovulation and fertility. Poor egg quality is due to damaged drive inability to conceive. Overactive thyroid gland, Under active thyroid gland and Some chronic conditions are the major reasons.

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Ayurvedic Treatment Cheap and Best

Ayurvedic hospitals are the cheapest and best alternative, and you can avail treatment at an ayurvedic hospital for a reasonable amount of USD 1000/month. Your accommodation will be excluded from the treatment charges at the various resorts that provide ayurvedic treatment. Experience the treatment in a differently in leisure with ayurvedic houseboat packages for two people.

Places where Ayurvedic Treatment is available

Kerala is the place where you find the best of ayurvedic treatment; this could be because of the climate and the ample availability of herbs and other medicinal plants. There are few ayurvedic centers in Tamil Nadu and Goa, but nothing so exotic and exclusive like what you find in Kerala.

The Best Time in Kerala to go for Ayurvedic Treatment.

The monsoon in the month of June-September is the best time for Ayurvedic treatment, because the climate is cool and moist and dust free. This enables the body pores to open up and be acceptive to herbal oils and therapy while oil massage.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine:

Ayurvedic medicine is particularly good for metabolic, tension associated, chronic conditions. Treatments are also instrumental in easing the effects of surgery and draining treatments such as chemotherapy. Other popular uses of ayurveda are for generalized rejuvenation.

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Migraine – Diagnosis and treatment according to Ayurveda

Migraine is very common these days and is considered as a problem of the nervous system. Migraine is defined as a condition where you have severe and recurring headache accompanied by nausea. The frequency and the nature of pain vary from person to person and in general the headache is felt only on one side of the head. The common symptoms are mild, moderate, or severe pain in the head, part of the head, forehead or the eyes. Other symptoms that accompanies headache are uneasiness, loss of appetite, nausea and difficulty in sleeping.

Ayurveda states that a humour called “Vata” controls the nervous system and brain activity. Due to imbalances in vata, migraine happens. Vata imbalance are the result of mental and physical stress, improper metabolism, poor elimination, sleeplessness, reading with insufficient light, viewing TV for long period etc.

The main reasons behind Migraine are discussed below.

Lifestyle Reasons

  • Life full of tension and worry out of hectic schedule and overloaded with responsibilities
  • Some immediate problems like financial problems
  • Continuous exposure to toxins and chemical pollutants
  • Due to the habit of chain smoking
  • Unexpected change in climate
  • Too much viewing of television with lot of visual and sound effects
  • Improper sleep pattern
  • Due to pubertal changes in Girls
  • Due to starvation
  • Extreme excitement or sorrow can ignite migraine.

Diet Reasons

  • Ajinomoto in food (Monosodium Glutamate)
  • Foods rich in oil and spice can cause migraine
  • Foods that are fermented with too much yeast
  • Saccharin
  • Consuming beverages like tea, coffee and colas
  • Over usage of diary products
  • Meat products that are not fresh
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Using dry fruits such as nuts and peanuts
  • Alcohol consumption

Due to Certain Medications

  • Usage of nitroglycerine that dilate blood vessels
  • Excessive use of pain killers
  • After the withdrawal from using pain killers
  • Use of birth control pills
  • Medicines like aminophylline used for asthma
  • Drugs like reserpine, nifedipine and diuretics used for blood pressure

Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine

Panchakarma Treatment: to flush out toxins. It includes the pre-purification therapies consisting of Sirodhara and Takradhara etc.

Rasayana Treatment: To nourish the body and to bring back the doshas to normalcy or balance. It also regenerates the body.

Diet Regulation: Maintaining a diet recommended by the ayurvedic physician

Yoga: Doing Yoga is highly beneficial

Changes in Life Style: By bringing the life style changes prescribed by your physician would do well.

Ayurvedic treatment begins only after meticulous analysis of the patient’s conditions and after identifying his body constituency. The treatment processes vary from person to person and a good ayurvedic physician can help you in this.

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Ayurveda Holidays in Kerala

Ayurveda Hollidays in KeralaKerala is best known for ayurvedic treatments, lot of tourist world-wide visits kerala to rejuvenate and for therapeutic treatment. Alleppey is the best place in Kerala where Ayurveda is practice in the ancient manner. Ayurvedic treatments helps to refresh you completely, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body and to regain resistance and good health. Ayurveda is the only existing medical science has the capability of preventing and curing diseases without any side effects.

Mattindia at alleppey a integral parts of Kerala Ayurveda tourism and offering affordable Ayurveda holiday packages. You can enjoy the captivating sights and sounds of nature from close range at Alleppey resorts. Alleppey is the most coveted honeymoon destinations in kerala, the misty climate and lush green enhances your romantic mood in you.

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General Yoga

Yoga is a system of physical and mental exercise born out of the desire of man to lead a healthy and independent life. The birth of yoga is from the time immemorial and some historians dates it back to 2000 years but it is accepted that this system of body health is in vogue at least for five thousand years.

The control of body and mind is the basic idea of Yoga. The propagators of this theory were mainly Indian ascetics known as Yogacharyas or simply as yogis. It is also an integral part of ayurveda, the vedic system of medication. The three constituents of yoga are exercises focusing the glandular systems of the body to increase their overall efficiency, control of breathing, as breathing is considered the source of life and meditation, as peaceful mind allows cure from the daily stress.

Yoga is suitable for all adults of any age or physical condition. It has the capacity to cure many ailments and it can prevent many from happening.

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Ayurvedic Treatment covered by Insurance companies is a boon

Ever since Health Insurance Company agreed to cover patient who are undergoing Ayurveda treatment, more and more people are opting to cover themselves under this policy. The Ayurveda treatment and expense can now be covered under this section. Some companies were in favor to take along this sector and provide insurance cover and this has made it easier for people to seek this form of medication. Last heard was that New India Assurance will bear only 25 percent of the treatment expense, and that too only if you are admitted under to a government hospital. The company other than Ayurveda also covers unani and homeopathy at government hospital.

As we know that insurance companies like Cholamandalam, Star Health covers ayurvedic but not naturopathy under its health insurance policy. Likewise even Star Health covers ayurvedic treatment. Since they started this on experimental basis and the surging popularity has made the insurance companies to offer better product when it comes to deal with Ayurvedic treatment. So this again infuses trust in patient who wants to opt for alternative treatment other than allopathic.

Insurance companies started this on experimental basis and started to churn out creative with their products. Adding ayurvedic treatments to their covered expenses allows them to attract people who trust alternative medication. There are several medical conditions where patients have responded better to ayurvedic treatments. While insurance coverage for ayurvedic treatment may only be at its nascent stage, it has tremendous potential for the future.

Insurance companies, follow strict conditions when then offer to cover ayurvedic treatments. They do not follow all policies, so patient has to be careful when they have to claim for ayurvedic treatments if there is anything specific they underwent.


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Need relief from Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may be common among active people. Shoulder pain conditions that limit movement are common, and are caused by problems with the shoulder joint and its surrounding structures.

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Extend Your Life With Yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular, good for you physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the ancient healing arts, Yoga is a discipline for self-development that is more than 5000 years old. The discipline which includes the relaxation of the mind and body. It is probably the only activity which is so beautifully designed that there is no stress on the body, because everything is done at the individuals own pace. Being positive in life you can add to your Spiritual well being with the practice of Yoga in the sense of using your natural ability to become even more flexible in your ability to balance and harmonize all that is happening in life. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It combines ideas, ancient theories, and observations of the body that are now being proven by modern medicine. The more you practice yoga you will find yourself more comfortable spending quality time alone and with other people. Your sense of self worth will increase and you will perform better in social situations. This is probably the most important skill that yoga can teach you.

Benefit from Yoga, Need Assistance Contact Us – 0478-2562785 / 2562004

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Scope of Ayurveda Tourism in India

Ayurvedic therapeutic system has absolutely broadened up the boundaries and prospects of the Ayurveda tourism. Along with its efficient channel of detoxification, it confirms to be a healthier choice for the individuals to avail its beneficial procedure by partaking in any one of its health-giving centers.

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