Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments

Tharpanam Ayurvedic Eye Therapy

Tharpanam is an eye cleaning process and helps to improve eye sight, strengthens the optic nerve and prevents different eye diseases. In this treatment medicated oil is retained over the eyes by making an enclosure using an herbal mixture or gram paste, thereby not allowing the oil to ooze out. The medicated oil or medicated ghee is retained for at least 30 min and it starts the regeneration process. You will soon start to feel the cooling effect in the eyes.

Benefits of Tharpanam

Improves eyesight and cools your eye.

Accelerate brain function.

Treatment for Short sight & Long sight.

Prevents Degenerative Eye Diseases.

Good at improving memory.

For the treatment of Sinusitis.

Strengthens Optic Nerves.