Kerala Ayurveda and the German connection
Posted on 2 November, 2017, by Joy Thattumkal

Ayurveda in Kerala once experienced and you are never the same. The person who believes this is the German film actress Ingeborg Schoener. The actress visited Kerala during this season for an intense Ayurveda treatment. This 77-year old celebrity has is still not lost her grace and charm. Her visit to seek the ancient treatment went around like wild fire and eyes got her captive, as she went around in the state. Ingeborn Schoener, has been visiting Kerala for the past 8 years and putting up at various resorts. She had a severe knee problem that pained a lot and with ayurveda treatment, she has been completely cured. The actress keeps coming back to Kerala for more, besides ayurveda to enjoy the pleasant environment and locales. Tourists last time visited Kochi and happen to walk in to Matt India, he saw us mentioned in some social media forum. He described his tour across Kerala, and had stayed in many places and according to him there is nothing like Kerala ayurveda in the world. He felt so strong about the ayurvedic treatment and how it rejuvenates him into a healthy soul. Going back to Ingeborn Schoener visit, she on behest of her travel company has been giving lecture on Ayurveda across Germany. This ancient treatment is the only one that has not changed even a bit, but they still go on to do the best with the old technique. The methodologies and the medicines are the same. Ayurveda strike to the core of any issues and they leave a huge impact almost nullifying the ailment. It does not take much time for the medicine to take effect and may even slowly rejuvenate your body wholly. Accordingly who is a staunch believer of Ayurveda, believes that she should very rarely venture out during the treatment, because it will hamper the cause and effect of the treatment. She is truly in love with Kerala and feels the place has changed her perception about life. She strictly follows a life prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor. Her advice to wannabe is to drink hot water in the morning and get a year purchase of medicines, she stopped allopathic and the changes are visible. With Ayurveda its fantastic, she added further.