Guyabano Fruit – Natural cancer remedies

Guyabano Fruit Natural cancer remedies

Cancer can be cured with the help of certain herbs and fruits. You can request your registered oncologist or physician to include the given below natural cancer fighters in the cancer fighting regime.

Annona muricata is considered to be part of custard-apple fruit tree and is commonly referred to as Guyabano, graviola or soursop. Some indigenous communities residing in South America and Northern Africa’s tropical parts consume it extensively. This prickly fruit is dark green, oval shaped and has whitish, mildly acidic flesh.
Subjected to scientific tests, several parts of the plant is found to have potent potential anti-cancer properties and was noticed when utilized as adjunct treatment.

According to researches, its leaves are known to have active ingredients possessing anti-cancer properties to kill pancreatic, breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer cells. Moreover, its seeds are found to display those properties which tend to perform similar task like that of chemotherapy treatment, which is destroying lung, oral and breast cancer cells. Anti-prostate cancer potential is found in its fruit.

The roots or leaves are to be crushed or brewed for consumption, while the fruit is consumed as it is. The leaves’ active ingredients extracts are converted into tablets to be sold commercially and taken along with conventional chemotherapy.

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