Post-delivery stage Ayurveda care

Post delivery stage Ayurveda care

Postnatal care follows the given below general Ayurvedic principles:

Los of blood and fluid combined with emptiness felt in the body after delivery tends to make the mother’s health extremely weak. This particular phase right from delivery to menstrual cycle restoration is termed in Ayurveda as Sutika period. To take care of fluid loss and to help with quick restoration and recuperation of mother’s health, there is recommended special regimen during this stage. Postnatal care is offered with an objective to enhance metabolism and digestion, to support lactation and Vata balance.

The mother’s body is massaged with oils like Dhanwatharam thailam and Bala thailam in case of normal delivery after which warm shower is to be taken. This is performed for initial 7 days after normal delivery. Some Sida cordifolia (kurunthotti roots) or tamarind leaves are taken and boiled in water to be used for baths. Clean cloth is then used to wrap properly the abdomen part.

During this phase, meat soups, healthy oils or ghee is recommended. Selection needs to be based upon customs that are practiced by the maternal family of the new mother, since the body easily gets accustomed to the culturally practiced regimen. Ghee dosage should be determined carefully based upon her current digestive power. There can also be administered few Ayurvedic preparations.

One traditional practice followed during the initial 7 days after delivery is mixing pepper powder, dried ginger powder and horse gram soup together. The recommended grain is Yava (barley, Horeium vulgare).

The woman is offered with more nourishing herbs from 8th day onwards. Also are suggested meat soups, brown or red rice. It is necessary avoid steam baths, strenuous exertion, exposure towards cold breeze, stress and anxiety.
There is promoted lactation with natural galactagogues (herb used to increase production of breast milk among nursing mothers). Few good choices are garlic, sesame seeds, coconut, fenugreek, asparagus, yogurt, sugar, wheat and red rice. Also can help intake of milk mixed with 5g. of cumin powder. For the newborn baby, mother’s milk is regarded to be the only friendly type.

Once teeth develop in the child, gradual weaning is encouraged. Prior to such food consumption, it will be wise to consult a good Ayurvedic doctor.

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