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Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine of a person develops an abnormal curve. Here the spine curves away from the middle or sideways and looks like “S” or a “C” structure rather then straight line, when it is viewed in an X-ray. Scoliosis is more common in girls rather then boys and this condition erupt during the adolescent period when the growth phase is fast. In some cases it is temporary and heels without treatment, but in other cases treatment is required. If serious curves are not curved, it leads to other problems and medical conditions.

Scoliosis can be classified into three types. They are congenital scoliosis (spine is formed curved by birth), idiopathic scoliosis, and neuromuscular scoliosis.


  • Tilted pelvis and uneven shoulder height.
  • Back ache, lower back ache and fatigue can occur due to the condition.
  • Uneven hips/leg lengths and slow nerve action.
  • Severe cases results in decrease in lung capacity, putting pressure on heart and restricting physical activities.

Ayurvedic Treatment

The treatment concentrates on maintaining the normal curvature of the spine while correcting the lateral deviation of the spine. To make this correction, the holding muscles should be relaxed and then the deviation of the spine is rectified using bandages, then the muscles should be strengthened to hold the spine, special external treatment are required for this. Internally herbal preparations and medicines are taken to get relief from pain and give muscular relaxation. Herbal massage is done externally.

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