Ayurveda Treatment Testimonials

“ I spent two weeks at MATT India with a goal to learn about Ayurvedic medicine. Not only did I learn about this healing system, I had the fortune of experiencing it. I stayed at the hospital and had very comfortable accommodations. My days consisted of soothing morning yoga, wonderful Ayurvedic massages with medicinal herbs, delicious vegetarian meals, and socializing with friendly visitors and staff. I truly felt I had discovered heaven! Accustomed to the hectic U.S. lifestyle, time at MATT India was exactly what my body and mind needed in order to recuperate and heal. Also, Kerala is breath-taking, particularly where MATT India is located, and the environment provides its own healing virtues. This little state has many treasures to offer and from MATT, it is relatively easy to visit other places. The staff at MATT are also helpful in arranging trips, and they offer good advice about what to do and where to go. The staff there are terrific. I highly recommend experiencing Ayurvedic medicine at Matt India, and I can't wait until I return for an extended period of time ”

Dr. Sheela
United Kingdom

“ I am a guest from Belgium that comes already for more than 5 years every year to visit and stay and having treatment in the Medical Centre MATT INDIA ad I am very concerned about the well being of this center and their people. We've been treated by a wonderfull staff, The quality of the treatments is high. The Center is situated in a small fishermen village, not touristic, with paradiselike nature and the Arabian Sea is not far away. ”

Sabine Seitz Belgium

“ Matt India is my most favourite Ayurvedic centre in India. I say this for several reasons - it is located next to a very photogenic quaint non-touristy village in the countryside and is within walking distance of the beautiful Kerala backwaters; the atmosphere of this facility is simple and unpretentious ; the staff are wonderful - very caring , cordial , knowledgeable , helpful and obliging; and, the rates are very affordable. If one - wishes to semi-immerse oneself into the local culture in a relaxing lazy laid back holiday atmosphere; does not require the trappings of a 5 star hotel and is content with basic western style furnishings and ensuite conveniences; and, enjoys being around wonderful people - all at an affordable price, then, Mattindia is for you. ”

Ashley Raynor Southampton