Tips For A Healthier Life With Ayurveda

Tips For A Healthier Life With Ayurveda

What makes Ayurveda unique compared to allopathy is that Ayurveda is, the science of living, more of a lifestyle than a way to treat sickness. Like the old adage which says, prevention is better than cure, Ayurveda also seeks to prevent instead of focussing on just curing a disease. Let us take a look at some tips from Ayurveda that can help live a more wholesome and healthy life.

A Daily Routine

Ayurveda proposes a daily routine and keeping it. The liver cleanses itself, from 12 am at night and it is essential one should be completely asleep during this process. Therefore, sleeping and waking times are vitally important. That is why Ayurveda recommends that the best time to go to sleep is around 10 PM and best time to wake up is around 6 AM. In the same way, eating at regular times is also important for improving our health. This is so that the body and Agni (the digestive fire) work most efficiently thereby ensuring that the food you have eaten is digested properly.

Take Hot Food

For better digestion there are simple guidelines you can follow. Eating a small salad in addition to your cooked food is good but it is also important to ensure that your daily diet does not comprise entirely of raw food only. To help in digestion, make sure that your food is warm and lightly seasoned with spices. The addition of large amounts of water to meals will weaken the digestive acids which in turn will cause improper digestion and assimilation into the body. When taking sips of water, it is better to have warm water flavoured with ginger. Here is a helpful tip from Bhavaprakash: Take a few slices of fresh ginger, sprinkle with rock salt and few drops of lemon and chew it before intake of food. This will enhance digestion and prevent gas formation.

Eat When Hungry

In today’s world, people are prone to eat for time-pass rather than to satiate hunger. But your body will not able to digest your continuous intake. Only after the first meal is properly digested will Agni be ready to digest the next meal and that is communicated by the body when we feel hunger. Needless to say, it follows that, if we eat when there is no hunger, it will surely result in weak digestion and integration into the body. This is what leads to Kapha disorders such as weight gain.

Drink When Thirsty

Don’t follow whatever trending advice you see on social media .For example, drink 3 litres of water per day. Our body has an intelligence of its own and knows precisely when it needs liquid so it will let you know if it needs liquids by making you feel thirsty. Kapha issues like kidney problems, edema etc are likely to ensue with the intake of excess liquids.

Do Not Suppress Body’s Natural Urges

The “civilised” world has made its own do’s and don’ts. So, for example it is not acceptable to burp at the end of a satisfying meal. But, according to Ayurveda ,suppressing a natural urge is wrong! This is because when bodily urges like coughing, burps, flatus etc are suppressed, it will create in a disruption of vata. When vata is disrupted it can cause problems such as gas not leaving the body, breathing trouble, bloating etc. Therefore, it is essential that one must find a proper way to address natural needs of the body.

Walk, Practice Yoga

The importance of exercise is a universal principle in health and fitness systems. The whole body benefits from exercise and it helps the brain release endorphins and serotonin which makes us feel better. Agni is produced and maintained in its most efficient state when practicing Yoga or any other form of exercise. Even a small walk everyday will be highly advantageous over the long run. Here’s an idea to incorporate walking into your lifestyle if it’s difficult to find a slot for the same in your hectic workday. Get down from the bus one or two stops before your actual bus stop and foot it to your place from there. Keep in mind that the idea is not to exhaust yourself. According to Ayurveda, exercise should be done only till you start sweating and that is the optimal limit for an effective regimen.

Drink Room Temperature Water On Waking Up

When sleeping we are naturally fasting, therefore refilling liquid in the body, when you wake up, is very important. So, keep a bottle of water by your bedside. One can drink water that is ideally at room temperature but even if it’s a little cold, it’s O.K. The water helps to ease the downward movement or Apana Vata in the body thus stimulating bowel movement.


Practice Meditation Daily For Minimum 20 Minutes

It is proven that Meditation can help one overcome stress and provide improved understanding of various situations in life, making it easier to handle. It will also help everyone to improve performance in day to day activities and also their quality of life.

Look At The Bright Side

Nothing is all black or all white. Life too has it’s little surprises sometimes pleasant sometimes not quite. One has to make a choice, as to what one takes from these experiences. So just be positive. Feel gratitude for all the wonderful things you have and be discerning enough to learn from every incident in your life.

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Wishing all a healthy and productive life!

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