Ayurveda Holidays in Kerala - India

Ayurveda Holidays in Kerala – India

Kerala is called the Land of Ayurveda. Its natural abundance of herbs and medicinal vegetations, composed climate and breezy monsoon period are best apt for Ayurveda’s remedial and Ayurveda Treatment packages. Fortunately, the Ayurvedic mode of treatment is practiced with high dedication only in Kerala. Thus in whole, Kerala is the only state in India, where people can gift with both natural sceneries and Ayurveda tour packages where they can refresh themselves and get rid of the toxic imbalances

Effective Ayurveda Treatment for Headache

Effective Ayurveda Treatment for Headache

When people come across any sort of pain, they immediately go in search for instant relief which brings their life back to routine. In a stressful world, headache has become a frequent pain prevails among mankind. The Ayurvedic plays an important role in treating headache, as it not only rectify the symptoms but also go beyond the cause of the pain. According to Ayurveda, headache is mainly caused by the imbalance in key factors of life like fever, high mental stress,

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