Panchakarma Kerala Ayurveda Treatment

Panchakarma Kerala Ayurveda Treatment kerala india

Panchakarma Kerala Ayurveda Treatment


Naysam comprises nasal breathing in of medicines which is effective in all ailments above the cervix and for diseases like paralysis, facial nerve palsy terrible headaches and other neurologic and psychiatrical diseases. The modern-day study analyzed discloses that the nasal mucous membrane absorbs medicines quicker than any other part of the body. This reality was known to the old sages who circularized this science and that are why ‘Nasya’ is suggested as a very good ailments when in unconscious and comma conditions.

Virechanam (Therapeutic purgation)

Virechanam is the process of cleansing and eliminating of the intestines through the use of laxative medicines. It does away with extra bile toxins from the middle zone of the body. Therefore for many of the digestive ailments, people fall back to this form of discourse. If addressed well by virechanam it neutralizes Ulcers, gastritis, IBS, jaundice, kidney complaints, intestinal colic, and asthma.

Vamana (Therapeutic emesis)

This shodhana therapy helps in eliminating vitiated Kapha dosha from the body. In this procedure, special medication along with milk is given orally in the morning for detoxification.

Vasti (Therapeutic enema)

The word Vasti signifies bladder. Traditionally, cow or buffalo urinary bladders are filled up with medicated liquids and applied for enema. This is how the Ayurveda treatment found its name. The bladder has now been substituted with advanced equipments.

As with all the other Panchakarma refining procedures, in Vasti too, preliminary oil and sweat therapies are crucial. Lukewarm and fresh cooked Vasti liquid is put into the colon via the rectum. No damage will happen if the liquid stays inside the colon for long. Normally after 45 minutes or an hour the fluid will be ejected out, which will contains Amam and additional toxins along with the fecal matter.

Vasti applying oils medicined with herbs is called Anuvasana Vasti and that in which an herbal decoction is used is called Nirooha vasti.

Vasti is adept for unhealthiness’s for intestinal colic, calculus, kidney stones, afflictions of the spleen and many additional diseases induced by a Vata disorder

Raktamoksham (blood letting)

Raktamoksham is drawing out a small amount of blood from the vein to ease the tension produced by Pittagenic toxins in the blood. Toxins acquaint in the alimentary canal are drawn into the blood and passed on through the body. Bloodletting also arouses the spleen to create antitoxic contents and assists to energize the immune system.

This shodhana therapy helps in eliminating impurities from blood locally. Using leech or sharp instruments blood is removed from the area where the blood is vitiated. This therapy is beneficial in inflammatory skin conditions.





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