Kerala Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatment Package

cleaning toxic matter & purifying the body

Kerala Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatment Package - India

Panchakarma is a process used for cleaning toxic matter and purifying the body. The toxins are left behind in the body by, poor nutrition, disease, the ageing process and toxins in the environment. Panchakarma is a word in Sanskrit that means “five treatments” or “five actions”. The body usually has an inborn skill to effectively handle and eliminate the waste, including the doshas when they are not in balance. However, because today’s lifestyle has changed and there are frequent dietary lapses along with poor exercise and genetic inclination; the hormones and digestive enzymes are affected thereby having an impact on our metabolism and the Agni or fire element which controls the body’s core homeostasis process is messed up. This can lead to the build-up of toxins throughout the body and cause different ailments. In Ayurveda, the toxins and other waste matter is called Ama. Ama is a smelly, gummy substance that is generally harmful. So ama has no place in a healthy body and should, therefore, be completely purged from our system.


Panchakarma is a traditional way of in-depth purification of the body. Panchakarma treatment eradicates the superfluous doshas and corrects imbalances in them. It gets rid of the harmful ama in your system using all options for elimination of waste offered by the body’s own organs such as stomach, intestines, lungs, colon, sweat glands, urinary tract and bladder etc. Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma as a seasonal treatment undertaken annually for balancing the 5 elements of the body and maintaining mental as well as physical fitness.

Panchakarma is a five-fold remedy for lifestyle illnesses. It is highly customised as per the needs of the person which will depend on the Ayurvedic constitutional type. It also adapts as per the age, imbalances of dosha, metabolism, immune status, and many other aspects. Depending on a patient’s requirement, all or selected parts of the five therapies can be utilized. Trained therapists and experts in the field of Ayurveda manage these procedures in the proper sequence for the applicable duration. In addition, although Panchakarma is, for the most part, a relaxing and enjoyable experience in therapy.

why panchakarma ayurveda

There will be some irritation related to the profound discharge of toxins, but this will be temporary. So, it is essential that an experienced therapist who can identify urgent signs of distress and properly conduct Panchakarma therapy.

All therapeutic interventions, including Panchakarma Therapy, begin with consultation by a qualified Ayurvedic Physician who diagnoses the person’s physical type (Prakriti ), the kind of the health problem (if any), and the appropriate selection from panchakarma therapy.

Panchakarma treatments have been shown to enhance metabolism and to create a tangible difference in the state of mind. It expels toxins from tissues as well as releases deep-seated emotional tensions. Panchakarma thus enables the mind and body to reach a deep level of relaxation and maximisation.


Vamana Therapy

vamana therapy ayurveda

In this therapy, a patient is treated with outside, inside oleation and fomentation for a few days. This includes various processes and some ayurvedic medications. Once the toxins melt they collect in the upper portion of the body. The patient is given emetic medicines and decoction of herbs for intake. This causes nausea and helps in expelling the poisons from the body tissues by way of vomiting. Vaman treatment is advised for conditions caused by a dominant Kapha, such as weight gain, hyperacidity and asthma.


Virechana Therapy

virechana therapy ayurveda

In Virechana, the purgation of toxins in the body is done by the cleansing of intestine and disposal through the bowels. In this treatment too, the patient is given oleation, both inside and outside along with fomentation. From here onwards, the patient is given a herbal purgative to which boosts the cleaning of guts and assists in purifying the body of waste material. Virechana treatment is suggested for people suffering from herpes zoster, jaundice, colitis, celiac infection etc. These conditions are created when Pitta is dominant.


Basti Therapy

basti therapy ayurveda

Ayurveda’s unique contribution to the world of medicine is the application of medicated substances through an enema. This form of treatment has a great impact, particularly in complex and chronic diseases. As per the type of disease, handmade decoctions made from oils, ghee or milk are inserted into the rectum. The beneficial effects will last longer and have to be experienced to be believed. This therapy is an effective remedy for Vata-dominated conditions, for example, piles, constipation and arthritis. You can know more about medicines for constipation here.


Nasya Therapy

nasya therapy ayurveda

This treatment is tremendously effective in cleansing the nose and head. The treatment starts with a delicate massage and fomentation of the head and shoulder region. After that, nasal drops are put in both the nostrils. These drops are able to do a deep cleaning of the whole head and offer a remedy that soothes different types of issues like, hair fall, headache, neurological disorders, sleep disorders, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, migraine and respiratory ailments.


Why Panchakarma Therapy?

Each Panchakarma program starts with a detailed diagnosis by an Ayurvedic Physician. This gives required insights to prescribe a suitable therapy according to an individual’s needs. As the Panchakarma therapy progresses, a special ayurvedic diet which incorporates applicable medicinal plants and basic oils to be used at home are also provided. This will help activate the liver and stomach related organs, helping the body to cleanse toxins most effectively, rejuvenate all the systems and regain your youthfulness.

Today’s lifestyle choices and natural pollutants combined with stress, put a deadly burden on the body which affects our organs and blood resulting in poor health. Panchakarma uses a combination of nutritional advice and prescribed diet, mild fasting and treatment of the colon, massage and home-style steam bath to free the body from the toxins accumulated in the body. Thus, Panchakarma can reverse the process of degeneration and it has many revitalising effects which last long.


What Can I Expect from Panchakarma Therapy?

The intense procedure of Panchakarma cleanses and purifies. This affects an individual in many ways. Accordingly, during the treatment, you will see and feel the changes on physical, mental and emotional levels. There will be some physical discomfort as the toxins get thrown out of the body but this is temporary and will pass. It is a very natural part of the healing procedure as the body regains its vitality and glow of health. The beneficial effects are enduring and long-lasting.


Panchakarma Treatment Purifies the Body and Mind

As per the principles of Ayurveda, health and fitness rely on effective metabolism to assimilate whatever nourishes and get rid of the waste. When digestion is improper we can’t get the nutrition, we need and this creates a build-up of toxins and emotions, which accumulate in our body and mind. This imbalance eventually leads to chronic health diseases. Panchakarma is a well-designed purification process that eliminates the piled-up toxins and restores the body’s vitality and essential ability to heal itself.

When digestion power or known as Agni (fire), is strong, our body is able to make healthy and robust tissues, discharge the waste effectively and recharge us with called Ojas or vitality. Ojas helps with clarity of perception, physical strength, and immunity. If the other hand, our Agni is debilitated, digestion is deficient and permits toxins to accumulate in the body. This deposit of toxins is known as Ama and its debilitating effects have already been described earlier.


Diet and Lifestyle: The Key to Health and Wellness

Getting sufficient rest during the panchakarma therapy is essential for getting the full benefit of Ayurvedic treatments. During any step of panchakarma therapy, traditional Ayurveda recommends a certain lifestyle and prescribes a diet in all treatments. This applies to Panchakarma therapy also as a whole or when done in parts.


So, avoiding strenuous exercise, sexual activity, late nights, loud music, television, and other such behavioral changes are advised. It is also recommended to take good care to avoid cold winds and to be focussed on the present, observing one’s thoughts and feelings during this time.

Panchakarma is considered to be a significant Ayurvedic procedure and administering the same requires proper supervision from a highly trained and experienced practitioner of Ayurveda. Panchakarma is customized for each person as per their type of constitution and specific ailments in mind. Therefore, it requires minute analysis and supervision. This should not be approached casually with information gathered from an article or social media alone.  In conclusion, we can say that it is advisable to always check that you are not relying on a novice and are getting the full benefit by consulting an expert




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