Peace be upon you”   I am pleased to express my appreciation for your great effort to all guests.   My father was one of the hospital inmates during a short period of time,receiving treatment  core and attention which

Thanks and Appreciation

Thanks and Appreciation

Abdulaziz Al.shidi

I spent two weeks at MATT India with a goal to learn about Ayurveda medicine. Not only did I learn about this healing system, I had the fortune of experiencing it. I stayed at

Yoga & Ayurvedic Massages

Dr. Sheela United Kingdom

Matt India is my most favourite Ayurveda healthcare centre in India. I say this for several reasons - it is located next to a very photogenic quaint non-touristy village in the countryside and is within

Holiday Atmosphere

Ashley Raynor Southampton Bermuda

I am a guest from Belgium that comes already for more than 5 years every year to visit and stay and having treatment in the Medical Centre MATT INDIA and I am very concerned about

Visited 5+ Times

Sabine Seitz Belgium Europe

I just loved being here! Don't let the place mislead you. There's more to just the exterior elevation and interiors. They provide the best natural personalised treatments which will leave you relaxes and rejuvenated, and

Pure Ayurveda !!!!

Mohan Kumar Mangalore, India

I spend three weeks at MattIndia. After I read all the positive testimonials before my trip, I almost took it for granted that it was going to be a great healing experience for me and

My personal experience

Anna MBrisbane, Australia

Matt India is really worth a visit. I was there for 19 days and had so many wonderful and different treatments. I was so fond of the atmosphere of the whole place and of the

I have had two month long stays at Mattindia over the last couple of years and vowed to return each year for a tune up as i have been to many ayurvedic clinics i have

Just Wonderful

andreaeastSunshine Coast, Australia

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