4 reasons to not ignore Back Pain

4 reasons to not ignore Back Pain

About 25% to 40% of people suffering from backache tend to seek assistance as confirmed by the South African Physiotherapy Society. It is quite concerning as back pain is experienced by around 80% of people during some time in their lives. It is not a good idea to ignore these red flag symptoms. The following might be experienced if back pain is not addressed immediately:

Extensive damage caused to nerves

It is your spine that protects your nervous system. Pain waves are sent out by the spinal and peripheral nerves during back pain. Spinal surgeons state that permanent damage might take place if the nerves get compressed for over 6 weeks.

Anti-inflammatory control like medications can help treat nerve damage taking place in peripheral nervous system. Early diagnosis is crucial to ensure providing appropriate treatment and to avoid potential surgery to treat permanent damage.

Damage caused to organs

According to Reader’s Digest, if the mid-back region experiences pain and is accompanied by nausea or fever, then it can be kidney infection. Permanent damage can be caused to the kidneys including complete kidney shutdown if infection is not treated on time. There are various serious medical issues where backache can be a symptom like osteoarthritis, spinal infection and specific cancers.

Diminished life quality

As per estimations, one out of 10 adults is diagnosed for the first time with chronic pain across the globe, annually. Chronic back pain not only causes diminished life quality but also major depression takes place four times greater in those experiencing chronic back pain than the general population. Depression rate enhances in linearity with increasing pain.

It is because of factors like lack of sleep due to extreme pain faced, causing irritability during day, inability to work and facing hardship to indulge in enjoyable activities, thereby causing financial stress.

Permanent posture change

In case, dull back pain is experienced every day, then you probably could be slouching, which may offer temporary relief. But slouching too often will make your muscles and spine – a fragile body part to get accustomed to this particular position. Besides back pain, it may compress them and impact your organs, thereby causing other issues like developed increased risks of respiratory complications and arthritis.

In case, back pain persists for over a week and rest does not provide any relief, then it becomes essential to consult a doctor. Getting to know the cause will help the mind to be put at ease. Pain might cause you to scale down physical activities.

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