Ayurveda training is successfully implemented

20th of February 2017 – The Mattindia Medical Centre in Kochi (India) and the Academy of Science and Education Maico-Mannesmann have a joint pleasant working experience for several years.

The cooperation also includes adapting of the educational and training program of the Mattindia Ayurveda Education Center to the Western European standards. In coordination with the Mattindia Ayurveda Education Center a corresponding implementation concept for the adapting of the program was developed by the Maico-Mannesmann Academy together with the Vocational Education Center Profesja (Glogow, Poland).



The Director Joy Thattumkal (Mattindia Medical Centre), the Board member Ansgar Menke (Academy of Science and Education Maico-Mannesmann) and the Director Tomasz Kostrzewa (Vocational Education Center Profesja) were convincing themselves about compliance of the training standards.


The Mattindia Ayurveda Education Center based solely on the up to 5000 years old healing and treatment methods of Ayurveda, which is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a traditional medicine of India.

The Director Joy Thattumkal and the Ayurveda therapist Dr. Shobha Rajendran issued the Diplomas to graduates in presence of the board member of the Academy of Science and Education Maico-Mannesmann Ansgar Menke.

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