Rejuvenate with the Holistic Ayurveda Treatment

Rejuvenate with the Holistic Ayurveda Treatment

Rejuvenation therapy after a panchakarma treatment is a relaxing affair. When you get to choose the duration of the rejuvenation therapy according to your convenience you are bound to come back for more. Improving your blood circulation, repairing muscle tissues and improving your overall health are just a few of the benefits you reap from the rejuvenation therapy at the Matt India Ayurveda Centre. Ayurveda suggests rejuvenation treatment via panchakarma and Rasayana chikitsa to fight ageing-related diseases and symptoms.

A typical treatment at Matt India Ayurveda Centre includes diet and medicine prescribed by the Doctor, alongside external massage therapy. This line of treatment is customised according to the patient’s health condition.

There are six types of rejuvenation therapies namely,

Swedana: Which is a steam bath, Ayurvedic herbal preparation which opens your skin pores and rejuvenates your skin. The glow in your skin is visible proof.

Swedana Ayurvedic Herbal Steam Bath


Udwarthana: A massage is given using the powdered herbs. This is also known to improve blood circulation in your body thereby, rejuvenating every nerve in your body.

Udwartana Ayurveda Therapy

Kizhi: You will be applied with Medicated herb bolus which is called Kizhi.


Herbal Kizhi, Dhaanya kizhi, Egg Kizhi, Para Kizhi

Ilakkizhi Ayurvedic Treatment

Navarakkizhi Ayurveda

Podikkizhi Ayurveda


Njavrakizhi: Medicated rice bolus is applied to the body and left for a certain duration.

Njavarakizhi Ayurveda Body Treatment


Abhyanga: Herbal oils are applied to your body. A relaxing massage using the oils will help you relax and unwind in true sense.

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Abhyanga Snana Ayurvedic Treatment



Shiroabhyanga Ayurveda Head Massage


Shirodhara: A Dhara (stream) of medicated oil is poured onto the Shira (head). This therapy relaxes you greatly.
An herbal massage or internal rejuvenation through medicated food after the detoxification helps you fight the ageing symptoms. This is possible because the therapy increases your body’s ability to fight the pathogens.

Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Massage



Ayurveda deems rejuvenation therapy as the answer to combat ageing. The free radicals which cause oxidation and ageing are tackled via antioxidants in the herbs.

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