Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments

Thalapothichil Ayurveda Treatment

Thalapothichil treatment widely recommended by all Ayurveda Specialists and a popular treatment of Kerala.


A special paste made up of amla, buttermilk and other ingredients cooked and made into a paste is applied to the head. After that it is covered with banana leaf and then with a cloth. Before and after the process a slight massage is given to the head with medicated oil. A hole is made at the center of the paste and medicated oil is poured and held in it for around 30 min or perhaps more based on the judgment of the expert. Finally it is removed and a mild massage is repeated.

Beneficial Values


Low Blood Pressure.

Epilepsy and certain cases of insanity

Certain stages of mental retardation.

Chronic Sinusitis.

Hair loss & graying.

Dandruff and for some diseases of the scalp.