Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments

Njavarakizhi Ayurveda Body Treatment

Njavarakizhi is a special massage to make your body perspire by the external application of certain gnavara (ayurvedic term) or cooked rice in the shape of boluses tied in cotton or muslin bag, immersed in a mixture of warm milk and decoctions. It is a therapy that takes for about 60 to 90 minutes and involves two to four therapists. The time span of the treatment starts from one day and may last up to 14 days according to the conditions of the patient and as decided by the expert.

Procedure of Treatment

The whole process starts with application of oil to the whole body and then massaged with cotton cloth boluses filled with rice dipped in herbal decoctions and sweat is induced. The massage movement is from upwards to downwards and the temperature of the kizhi has to be maintained. The procedure is carried out on the patient in seven positions. It starts with the position of the person sitting in the upright position and some positions would be avoided in certain cases.

Benefits of Njavarakizhi

It strengthens nerves of the body.

It calms the minds and thereby reduces the stress.

It cures Rheumatic troubles.

Treats neurological disorders.

Reduces arthritis.

Rejuvenates skin and increases the beauty of the skin.

Acts against blood pressure.

Reduces cholesterol.

As a treatment for certain skin ailments.

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