Ayurveda – The best Solution for Sinusitis Treatment

Ayurveda The best Solution for Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis is an inflammatory state of the sinuses. Sinuses are generally the air filled spaces in the skull. This gives a layout to the face and also helps protecting the interior fragile structures of the skull by fussing as a shock absorber. These are rutted by a coat of mucus membrane and opened into the nasal cavity. They assure free air passage and refining of the air hence, the environment within the skull is sustained in a poise of equilibrium.

The problem shoots its head when the mucus layer is inflamed either by viral or bacterial infection. As a result of the inflammation, it produces mucoid crux that gets occluded inner recesses of the air space. The normal symptoms of this infection are head ache, running nose and so on.

Ayurvedic Standpoint on Sinusitis

In Ayurveda, the Sinusitis can be interrelated with ‘Dushta Pratishyaya’, where the core dosha inflated is Kapha (mucous in Sinus). It gets provoked the Prana Vata, which mainly exists in the respiratory zone. In Sinusitis, kapha is affected by Aama, the undigested adhesive residues of the food, which is a consequence of irregular digestive fire. Hence, a sequential line of treatment needs to be incorporated that involves: mending the digestive fire; acquitting the Aama; assuaging the Kapha; and at last curbing the proper passage of the Prana Vata, via the respiratory channels.

Ayurvedic Medicines

After spotting the Sinusitis and make out the viable cause, the Ayurvedic doctors can impose a course of medication that may diminish the inflammation, ease the symptoms, and loud up the resistance strength. Sinusitis treatment is deal with re-furnishing pathway of the nasal channels, scheming and abolishing the root of the inflammation and enhancing the immunity power.

Ayurvedic doctors suggest nasal drops and few Ayurveda therapies  so as to lessen congestion. This initiates the session of sneezing and running nose. On proper inhalation, these drops eliminate the blockage of the nasal cavity.

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